Our team takes serious per-cautions in order to follow all the COVID-19 procedures to make sure all of our customers are safe. We make sure that the health and safety of our clients, which is the most important thing and our number one priority. Even though we cannot control the strength of this virus, we can control how we react to the virus and make sure our rules and our restrictions can work to stop the spread of  COVID – 19. 

In our daily lives working at RV- Glo, we use top quality industrial equipments and machines that come from high brand companies such as: Karcher, Hyla, Stihl. These machines are excellent for cleaning and disinfecting which kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. These elite machines clean apartments and everything else that covers our business premises. 

In addition we use special disinfectants that are high quality and help deep environmental cleaning. 

We eliminate all  bacteria and dirt with environmentally friendly products, without damaging any surfaces, so that you can enjoy your stay with us at Zlatibor! 


We clean our apartments with steam cleaners that enable continuous maintenance at all times and at the highest possible level.

 In addition, we give all textile surfaces proper care, so, Hyla is part of this role which is deep vacuuming of furniture which works to absorb all dirt and bacteria. 

Finally, all apartments include air purification with very pleasant aroma scents so that all of our guests have complete enjoyment and are satisfied with their vacation at Zlatibor! 


At RV-Glo, we clean every single inch of our business premises to satisfy our customers requirements. We clean all restaurants, hair salons, garages and even pharmacies. For each type of service, we do personalized cleaning and disinfecting protocols that are needed. 

By using professional machines that clean all surfaces under great pressure, we enable amazing quality work, while on our part, continuity in the cleanliness of the facility is ensured. 

We treat windows and large glass surfaces with very safe chemicals, with the addition of a steam cleaner, which disinfects all contact surfaces where viruses and bacteria can be found.  


Deep washing of all textile surfaces by machine removes accumulated dust , dirt and bacteria that cannot be removed by ordinary vacuuming. 

When washing, we use chemicals that are completely safe to breathe, but also efficient enough to make your furniture look brand new.


Building maintenance is a synonym for the company RV Glo, which has been operating successfully in this area for a very long time. 

In cooperation with the owners, we make personalized offers that aim to make the building resemble a 5 ★ hotel with its cleanliness and regular maintenance of greenery.